Training or Working out / Hard Work, Working Hard

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Training or Working out / Hard Work, Working Hard

Post by driscoll on Thu Jul 28, 2011 10:15 pm

Training or Working out / Hard Work, Working Hard

There is a huge difference between working out and training, but training dictates that there is a goal. No matter the goal, if you’re going to take the time to reach for that goal, you had damn sure better go all out and do it right. If you can attack the training session rather than just make it through, you’ve created a mind-set and a positive training environment. I believe that as long as your training regimen is balanced, it isn’t what’s on the paper or board that matters but how you attack the task at hand.

We all know that if you have your preferred tunes cranked on a max effort set, you have a much better chance at cranking up that weight. Just know that Kenny G is never going to get anybody ready to rip the bar in half. Choose something with great tempo and a good level of volume and get it rolling. Personally, I don’t think one could ever go wrong with good old-fashioned American metal, but if that doesn’t float your boat, refer to tempo and volume.

We all know that nothing makes up for hard work. Whether it’s in life or in the gym, the hardest worker often gets further than the average Joe, who can only dream of a big bench press, a strong squat, and a daunting deadlift. Most likely that average Joe pines for a pretty six-pack like a high school girl wishes to go out with the quarterback. We’ve all seen “Joe wish I had a six-pack” relegate himself to the mat, doing crunches and getting a good burn. It’s all about the burn, right? For me, I just let that guy do his thing.

We often seem to fear the unknown because to venture into uncharted territory is something that is radical. It’s hard to push the limits, to get out of your comfort zone, especially when the only thing standing in your way is you. So I have to ask, have you pushed yourself into the unknown? Have you taken what you know or what you desperately want to know and made for damn sure it works? The program that crazy strength coach showed to you looks absolutely insane, but he’s got guys pulling four-digit weight. This isn’t one of your mom’s “try it because you just might like it” speeches. I’m saying don’t fear what you don’t know. Embrace the challenge of setting a new PR, trying a new movement, or tackling a weak link. Welcome the arduous journey from a beginner who busts ass without a clue as to what he’s doing to the strong ass Yoda of the gym. From hard work, smarts and strength will come. (That’s my best Yoda impression, and as you can see, I have much to learn.)
So have you flipped on that light switch yet? Have you cranked that dial to ten and seen how hard you can push it? Be honest with yourself. Can you take it to another level in your work, your training, or your diet? I think most of us can. “The inches we need are all around us!” There’s a lot of life and gym knowledge that can be learned from demolishing one extra set or squeezing out the last few reps. And if it means you’ve got to make some damn noise, then do it! (As a side note, I think there was some study that showed grunting can help power output. Let the looks from the averages Joes, inside and outside of the gym, fuel that fire, that same fire that makes you want to put hundreds of pounds on your back and go ass to the grass. You know and I know that a 4.0 GPA or a six-pack doesn’t make a man and that you have ten times the drive that “Joe wish I had a six-pack” has. Set the bar high, get under it, and move it!

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